Central India’s Hi-Tech Panchkarma Ayurvedic Hospital ....

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   Keraliyan Panchkarma    
   Arthritis Care Centre    
    Diabetes Care Centre   
   Skin Care Centre   
   Beauty Care Centre   
    Body Servicing Package   
    Physiotherapy Centre

Special Treatment For
Osteo-arthritis    Paralysis    Spondylitis    Sciatica    Gout    Slip-disc    Parkinsonism    Frozen shoulder   
Cardiac-disorder    Diabetes    Epilepsy    Cancer    Asthma    Allergic disorder    Psoriasis    Leucoderma   
Lichen planus    Eczema    Gynaec- disorder    Acidity    Irritable bowel syndrome    Ulcerative Colitis
Renal Problem    Infertility    Obesity    Sexual Problem    Piles etc, Chronice disease

Special Arrangements ( For admitted patients )

  • 15 Beds of hi-tech facilities Hospital
  • Super Deluxe rooms with kitchen, attach lat - bathroom, Hot Water, A.C / Aircooled rooms, intercom, music, T.V (cable), etc. facilities available.
  • Clean and hygenic Environment
  • Trained Staff