Keraliyan Panchkarma

Keraliya Panchakarma : A few selected treatment of kerala


Pizhichil – For disorders of nervous system, chronic illness like Hemiplegia, Rheumatoid arthritis, Post traumatic pain, Inflammation and Stiffness of joints.


Sirovasti – For facial Paralysis, Insomnia, Impaired memory, Nervous Disorder and several disease of head, eye, ears & nose.


Dhara – Specific therapy for disease of Head, Insomnia, Impaired memory, Spondylitis, Paraplegia, Fatigue, Loss of vitality.


Navarakizhi : – To make the body Supple & sturdy, remove stiffness of joint improve blood circulation & digestion, enhance complexion. Rice with medicinal properly cooked with milk & herbal decoctions and made into bolus in cloth bag & used for massaging bolus in cloth bag & used for massaging in condition like muscular Atrophy, Hemiplegia, Paraplegia & as a part of rejuvenation therapy, headache due to some neurological problem.


Kizhi – leaves of medicinal plants or herbal powders are fried and in to bolus in a cloth back and applied of massage on the whole body for rheumatoid arthritis, Osteoarthritis etc.


Takradhara – Medicated fat free curd is poured over the head and body for insomnia, neuralgia, Obesity, Hypertension, headache and skin diseases like Psoriasis, Eczema.


Thalam – Keeping, Medicinal drugs in paste form after placing inside a leaf to the body parts tightly for sometime is called as thalam. Some medicine application in this method is giving very good results as –

1. Ksheerbala thalam in hypertension, intermittent headache, facial paralysis.
2. Vennathalam in facial paralysis.
3. Neelika thalam in some of chronic mental disorders.

When a person gets affected with a disease, he would take medications for it, but the disease would not be completely cured. Hence, there are chances of a relapse to occur. Panchkarma plays a vital role in eradicating a disease from its root. Thus, along with medicines, Panchkarma is helpful in attaining healthy mind in a healthy body. Hence, we can say that, “Treatment is incomplete without Panchkarma” Therefore, people can continue Panchkarma along with other pathy or medicines.