This set of five processes throws out all toxic matter from human body systems, it is like servicing and oiling the body. It is equally beneficial to ailing as well as normal bodies. The five procedures done in Panchkarma have been described here in short. It is difficult to describe the entire concept here, but the readers will be able to understand it with the information provided here.

The 5 procedures are Vaman, Virechan, Basti, Nasya and Raktamokshan. Besides, other procedures mentioned in Ayurvedaa like Snehan, Swedan, Shirodhara, Katibasti, Pindswed, Pottali Swed, Pishinchal Dhara, Takradhara, Netra-tarpan, Ksharsutra, Agnikarma, Keraliya Panchakarma etc. are also performed regularly at the Arogyadham. These procedures have shown wonderful results in different diseases.

Usually people stop treatment after primary relief from any disease. The root cause of the disease or some side effects, however, remain in the body. Recurrence of the disease is experienced, when the immunity of the body goes down. Performing Panchkarma, is therefore necessary for getting rid of all the toxins from the body. It is therefore said that even after treatment through other pathies, undergoing Panchakarma is necessary for complete cure from any kind of disease.Details of Panchakarma have been explained by Dr. Mamtani in his book ‘Panchkarma – Swasthya ki Kunji’.

Kriyas of Panchkarma


Vaman : It means inducing vomiting with a specific method, a special procedure in which diseases like asthma, sinusitis, chronic cold, cough, allergies, psoriasis, eczema,acne etc. and other skin diseases are treated. The toxins are removed through vomiting by giving some medicines. Ailments related to ‘Kapha’ are treated.


Virechan : It means purging out in special manner. The toxins are removed by giving purgatives. The diseases treated through this method include hyperacidity, constipation, flatulence, jaundice, gases, skin diseases and ailments related to ‘Pitta’.


Basti : This is ‘Medicated enema’ which not only cleans the intestine, but removes toxins from the entire body. This has been found very useful in the treatment of paralysis, arthritis, Rheumatism, backache, sciatica, spondylitis and other ailments related to ‘Vata’.


Nasya : It means putting nasal drops in a scientific way . Ear, Nose, Throat problems are treated by inducing medicines through the nasal openings. Besides ENT problems, headache, early hair fall, premature graying of hair, migraine, some psychological ailments, sinusitis, epilepsy etc. are treated through ‘Nasya’.


Raktamokshan : This is a procedure in which impure blood is removed from the body. It is useful in treatment of skin disease like psoriasis, eczema, itching, leucoderma etc. Thus, the procedures followed in Panchkarma increases immunity by removing toxins from the body, which further protects the person from getting other infections.


Keraliya Panchakarma : A few selected treatment of kerala


Pizhichil – For disorders of nervous system, chronic illness like Hemiplegia, Rheumatoid arthritis, Post traumatic pain, Inflammation and Stiffness of joints.


Sirovasti – For facial Paralysis, Insomnia, Impaired memory, Nervous Disorder and several disease of head, eye, ears & nose.


Dhara – Specific therapy for disease of Head, Insomnia, Impaired memory, Spondylitis, Paraplegia, Fatigue, Loss of vitality.


Navarakizhi : – To make the body Supple & sturdy, remove stiffness of joint improve blood circulation & digestion, enhance complexion. Rice with medicinal properly cooked with milk & herbal decoctions and made into bolus in cloth bag & used for massaging bolus in cloth bag & used for massaging in condition like muscular Atrophy, Hemiplegia, Paraplegia & as a part of rejuvenation therapy, headache due to some neurological problem.


Kizhi – leaves of medicinal plants or herbal powders are fried and in to bolus in a cloth back and applied of massage on the whole body for rheumatoid arthritis, Osteoarthritis etc.


Takradhara – Medicated fat free curd is poured over the head and body for insomnia, neuralgia, Obesity, Hypertension, headache and skin diseases like Psoriasis, Eczema.


Thalam – Keeping, Medicinal drugs in paste form after placing inside a leaf to the body parts tightly for sometime is called as thalam. Some medicine application in this method is giving very good results as –

1. Ksheerbala thalam in hypertension, intermittent headache, facial paralysis.
2. Vennathalam in facial paralysis.
3. Neelika thalam in some of chronic mental disorders.

When a person gets affected with a disease, he would take medications for it, but the disease would not be completely cured. Hence, there are chances of a relapse to occur. Panchkarma plays a vital role in eradicating a disease from its root. Thus, along with medicines, Panchkarma is helpful in attaining healthy mind in a healthy body. Hence, we can say that, “Treatment is incomplete without Panchkarma” Therefore, people can continue Panchkarma along with other pathy or medicines.